Annual carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in the world exceed one hundred times the total body weight of all humans.

In March 2015, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) announced that global average atmospheric concentration of CO2 surpassed the critical threshold for global warming.

Ref: BMC Public Health (2012)

Asia*, in particular, accounts for more than 50% of global CO2 emissions.
Moreover, further industrialization will take place in quite a few Asian countries.

Growing industrialization in China and Southeast Asian countries is expected to further boost CO2 emissions.
※Based on the United Nations statistical divisions, Asia includes Central Asia, East Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia, and West Asia.

We address these environmental issues,
making full use of Japanese technologies.

For example, automobile is one of the major factors for increase in CO2 emissions. We have promoted a linear motor car in order to create an environment-friendly transportation system.

Since 1992, we have worked for the purpose of having a society not depending on transportations with high CO2 emissions, such as automobiles and airplanes.

Efforts to promote maglev trains>

We promote the use of LED lights, which are friendly to the environment. Since LED light uses solar power generation, CO2 emissions = 0.

At the 2008 G8 summit in Hokkaido,
we supported the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan
by investigating and recommending the quality effect of LED lights of each maker. As a result, LED lights with the highest performance were adopted at the 2008 G8 summit.

Environmental conservation activities>

We also engage in fostering automobile mechanics in developing countries to reduce CO2 emissions, although this activity may not seem relevant to the environmental issue.

CO2 emissions from poorly maintained vehicles have become a serious social problem in developing countries.
Now we are working on the project to develop automobile mechanics in Myanmar in order to eradicate poorly maintained vehicles.

School construction in Myanmar>

It has only been a little that we could do for the environment.
We still have a lot of ground to cover in order to protect the environment.

We need your help to take part in more environmental conservation activities.