Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Questions on the Asia Environmental Technology Promotion Institute (AET)

When was AET founded and established?
It was founded in January 1992 and established on April 27, 2000.
What is AET’s corporate status?
AET is a specified non-profit organization (NPO).
How are AET’s activities funded?
All of its activities are funded by donations from companies and individuals.

Questions on donations

Can donors freely decide on donation amounts?
Donors may freely choose any donation amount of 1000 yen or higher.
How long can one remain a member through continual donations?
Memberships will be automatically renewed unless a member contacts us to withdraw.
If you wish to terminate your membership, please notify us at
We are considering offering our support as a corporation. Can we consult with you separately on this?
Yes, we would be happy to consult with you. Please contact us at
Are donations to AET tax-deductible?
No, they are not tax-deductible.